Video - Lexani R-Six Wheels on Mercedes-Benz E350

Videa Mercedes Benz R-Class Lexani R-Six Wheels on Mercedes-Benz E350

Lexani R-Six Wheels on Mercedes-Benz E350

Check out this wheel at CARiD: Lexani knows what it takes to become a trend-setter. Years of experience, unique design solutions, and devotion to exceptional quality, helped Lexani and its sister-company Asanti climb the ladder to success and gain lifelong admirers. The brands enjoy a well-deserved reputation as world-class manufacturers of the premium custom rims. Understanding that the world of luxury is extremely competitive, Lexani goes all out to create products that capture the imagination of clientele with the perfection of design and quality. Site - Google + - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram - Vimeo - Flickr - Contact us for more information on goods and services.



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