Video - Lego Unimog with Custom Modifications

Videa Mercedes Benz Unimog Lego Unimog with Custom Modifications

Lego Unimog with Custom Modifications

This is my version of Lego's U400 Unimog licensed kit (kit #8110). You will see in the video that I have added several new features to this kit. Here is a brief rundown: * Added M-motor for propulsion * Mated M-motor to a high/low range gearbox (controllable from cab) * Swapped out 1:1 ratio drive in raised hubs for a 3:1 gear reduction set * Added air tank to air system for better efficiency * Replaced rear springs with air suspension (controllable from cab) * Added an emergency air pump system to manually charge air system without battery power. All this kit needs is IR remote control added, and a very competent trial truck can be had. Sadly (or not so sadly), having since built my prototype 2-cylinder pneumatic engine (which has shown much promise so far), I will shortly be dismantling this kit to make way for other exciting creations from yours truly. More information on this modified kit can be had at the Harman Motor Works blog: Enjoy.



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