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LEGO ® 10233 Horizon Express HD Images , Details

Hard-to-find elements include orange LEGO bricks (including 6×28 chassis plate) and printed tiles. Includes 6 minifigures: female train engineer, male train steward, 2 female passengers and 2 male passengers Features 3 train cars, detailed engine room, printed windscreen, black train windows, brick-built chevron detailing, extendable pantographs, seats, a bathroom with sliding door, bar with hinged counter and tables with seats Accessories include luggage, newspapers, computer screen, coffee machine, cups and bottles Discover sideways building techniques! Ride the rails in high-speed LEGO® style! Upgrade your model by adding LEGO Power Functions 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box, 8887 Transformer 10V DC, 8884 IR Receiver, 8879 IR Speed Remote Control, 88002 Train Motor and 8870 Lights Train measures 31



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