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Videa Mercedes Benz Smart Krumbine Vs. the Smart ForTwo

Krumbine Vs. the Smart ForTwo

Krumbine finally test drives a 2009 smart ForTwo from Holler Driver's Mart in Orlando. Here's the low-down on the transmission: it's a manumatic which means it's a manual transmission that shifts automatically. Why they didn't just go with a fully automatic or fully manual, I don't know. That being said, when driven in stupid mode (automatic), the gear shifts come early and take FOREVER, which creates that lag and the rocking that we described in the video. Smart has remedied SOME of the lag with firmware updates that this particular ForTwo probably HASN'T received yet. Secondly, all of that is completely inconsequential when you drive it manual mode--with either the paddle shifters (AWESOME) or gear shift (+ or -, left of the PRND). The car drives perfectly normal and because of its small size and peppy engine, is probably about as much fun as you can have in a cheap "sports" car this side of a Miata. And YES. I did just call it a sports car. There's little else to fairly compare it to. It has the practicality of a sports car (two seater, minimal storage); the buying rationalization of a sports car (well, it's not like I NEED it!); an engaging drive like a sports car. I won't address any of the safety concerns here, only to say that I don't drive a car with the intention to wreck it every day (or ever). Secondly, the ForTwo is as safe (or safer) than any average car on the road today and you're welcome to research that yourself before you criticize it too much.

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