Video - Janis Joplin-Mercedes Benz-Move Over (Outtake)

Videa Mercedes Benz Janis Joplin-Mercedes Benz-Move Over (Outtake)

Janis Joplin-Mercedes Benz-Move Over (Outtake)

Joplin wrote "Mercedes Benz" together with the poet Michael McClure and Bob Neuwirth, as a critical social commentary on how people relate happiness to money and material possessions. The song was originally written as something of a negative commentary about materialistic individuals who place too much value on items like a Mercedes-Benz. The song heavily reflects Joplin's view of what she saw as a materialistic world.The song was recorded in one take.on October 1, 1970, and was one of the last songs Joplin ever recorded; she died on October 4th.

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