Video - How to escape Martial Law in the USA?

Videa Mercedes Benz O 404 How to escape Martial Law in the USA?

How to escape Martial Law in the USA?

Add me on & follow me on The worst place you can be when Martial Law starts, is at home! #1 - Prepare with food to last for a few years #2 - Sell your belongings, and invest in a 4X4 veicle #3 - Get out of the civilization There are two trucks made that is just the top of the line The Suzuki Samuraj SJ 413 - made for the Japaneese military to drive between trees in the forest. It is a small veicle, but very flexible. It is affordable - and you should get hold on one. The Mercedes Benz (Daimler Benz) Unimog 404 - Made for the German military, to go where it needs to go - this truck is also affordable - and you can find them all over the world. The war will first of all start in cities and small communities - so get ready for a life in the wild, while waiting for the return of our Messiah, Yahushuah Ha´Machiach - he will come, you can depend on him!Call no man upon this place good - there is nobody here that is good, the author of this video is not good, you are not good, your mama is not good, your brothers and sisters are not good - if you where good, you would not be here, you would be home safe. The Earth is not your home - it is a maximum security prison reform school with no bars - and you and me are here to learn to be something we currently are not, we are here to learn to be good! Religion has nothing to do with truth - avoid religion, become individual - choose to listen to the good voice inside you and reject the evil voice inside you ...

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