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Enjoy.. this is a smooth version without drama. Profitez .. C'est une version lisse, sans drame. Scenes from: 37°2 le matin ~ Betty Blue (Director`s Cut) Music (official Soundtrack): Gabriel Yared ~ C'est le vent, Betty i looped 2xtimes + started with the intro with a famous dialog: He: "I love this place" ~ She: "You`re`s perfect" "Everything in its place..Fantastic" ~ He: "Betty,..Its all for you...All of it." All Copyrights not by me, buy this movie & the album if you like.. both in my top5 and my respect is always rare ;) here is a nice film about the place of this weekend houses today.. Betty Blue is a 1986 French film. Its original French title is 37°2 le matin, which means "37.2°C in the Morning". (37.2°C [99°F] is the normal morning temperature of a pregnant woman.) The film was directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix and stars Béatrice Dalle as Betty. It is based on the 1985 novel of the same name by Philippe Djian. The film received both a BAFTA and Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 1986, as well as winning a César Award for Best Poster. In 1992 it was awarded the Golden Space Needle of the Seattle International Film Festival. In 2005 a 'Director's Cut' was issued of this film, with about an hour of extra footage. more infos: visit my channel & sub me for more french culture, merci! (i needed to do this dreamy clip from one of my fav movies ever, before i must go back in the hard world of work ...

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