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Videa Mercedes Benz Axor HEIL Europe PowerTrak Demo

HEIL Europe PowerTrak Demo

This is another truck I got to see at Binksie Services back in April last year when I got the demo video of the hook-lift. This time it is one of the few Powertraks that had been done up for Remondis, just like the Half Packs. This compilation has some demo footage of the lifter, packing and unloading process, a walkaround of the truck and then some pictures to finish up. I haven't seen this truck on the road anywhere and it also doesn't operate anywhere near me, so I don't think there is a high chance I'll find it working on the job somewhere. A massive thanks to the team at Binksies for showing me the equipment, hope you enjoy the video, please rate and comment. Body Make: HEIL Europe Model: 19m Powertrak Chassis: Mercedes Benz Axor Contractor: Remondis Collection Type: Commercial & Industrial

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