Video - GTA IV - WIP Mercedes-Benz Vito Koninklijke Marechaussee

Videa Mercedes Benz Vito GTA IV - WIP Mercedes-Benz Vito Koninklijke Marechaussee

GTA IV - WIP Mercedes-Benz Vito Koninklijke Marechaussee

Hello, Here is my newest project im busy with. It's a look alike Mercedes Vito of the Dutch Military Police. Its not finished yet, but i can say it has done the first ingame test succesfully! :) It has a Dutch Whelen Edge lightbar on it, which is actually in use by the Dutch Police and Military Police. The "STOP" sign at the back of the vehicle is not working yet so i have to work on it. Further, i know that the blue section is still purple, but thats because my ENB and display settings, so i have to find the best blue color that is blue on every screen and just a bit darker then the blue on the stripes. ;) But im actually happy with the result so far. Enjoy! Things to do: - "STOP" sign - Change the blue section - Add grill/mirror lights - Maybe a few little extra's! ;) Credits: - Original Mercedes Vito: unknown - Converted and optimized by: Corleone (Norpolice123) - Skin by Rubengta - Making of the Dutch version by Rubengta - Lightbar by KevinDV - Backstep (platform) by Corleone (Norpolice123) And special thanks to Corleone for giving permissions to use his awesome work! :D This video is 3D-enabled. Im doing some tests with it.

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