Video - GTA IV (PC) - Welcome to Liberty City

Videa Mercedes Benz O 340 GTA IV (PC) - Welcome to Liberty City

GTA IV (PC) - Welcome to Liberty City

Custo - This video is kinda like my "My View of Liberty," but with a different song and a few new cars in it. ;) Also, I found the song while playing this totally awsome game I got like a few days ago, True Crime New York City. The game fucking ROCKS! So I used this song, and I thought it would be pretty good. For the credit video, I was a Helitours pilot, then I spawned back as Niko (not using player selector), then that's why I flew away. And no, I didn't have god mode on at the time. Do to a comment, I added this in. All mods seen in this video are listed below with author and DL link: Visual IV By: City_Poke912 and robi29 '03 LCPD Crown Victoria By: Smokey8808 [not released] Alderney Cop as LCPD Cop By: Custo Traffic Cop as Alderney Cop By: Custo [not released] 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG By: Deadyshka Police Bikes By: Switch Designs GoKart Mod By: Smokey8808 70' Plymouth 'Cuda AAR 340 By: MERZAVEC Chrysler 300c By: Dolmat

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