Video - GTA IV - Dutch Mercedes-Benz Vito Model & Skin

Videa Mercedes Benz Vito GTA IV - Dutch Mercedes-Benz Vito Model & Skin

GTA IV - Dutch Mercedes-Benz Vito Model & Skin

Hello there, Here is my newest vehicle. A Mercedes-Benz Vito with some Dutch equipment. First of all, this is just a V1 because the traffic sign at the back is not working at the moment, but i will do this in V2 which is already in progress. I tried to place the lightbar as real as possible with the high mount section on the roof, like the most of the Dutch Police van's have in Holland. Hope you like it, and V2 is underway! ;) Credits: - Mercedes-Benz Vito by Unknown. - Converted to GTA IV by corleone. - Mapping and templates by corleone. - Wheels by Teddy. - Other lights and modifications by Rubengta - Whelen Edge by KevinDV, edited by Rubengta - Platform at the back by Corleone, edited by Rubengta - Skins by Rubengta DO NOT EDIT AND REUPLOAD THIS PACKAGE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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