Video - G-POWER Hurricane (World's Fastest and most Powerful BMW)

Videa Mercedes Benz O 340 G-POWER Hurricane (World's Fastest and most Powerful BMW)

G-POWER Hurricane (World's Fastest and most Powerful BMW)

The world's fastest and most powerful street-legal BMW is made by G-POWER. The 340-km/h G-POWER HURRICANE is based on the latest BMW M5. At the heart of the high-performance sedan is a five-liter V10 engine with G-POWER EVO II supercharging system that delivers 730 hp / 537.3 kW. To achieve the desired increase in power output of 223 hp / 164 kW for the fast-revving engine that normally produces 507 hp / 373 kW, G-POWER, in cooperation with ASA Automotive, has developed a high-tech supercharging system. The system uses one belt-driven ASA T1-12 compressor for each cylinder bank. Contrary to conventional mechanical chargers that waste a large portion of the additional power on being driven themselves, the ASA compressor has an efficiency rate of up to 80 percent. The ASA charger is also small, which allows G-POWER to install two of them in the tight confines of the M5 engine bay. With a maximum airstream volume of up to 1200 kg per hour per cylinder bank the compressors are designed for an even higher power output. Boost pressure is limited to 0.5 bars. The pre-compressed charge air is cooled down in a highly efficient dual-flow water-to-air intercooler system that is mounted above the engine. This measure optimizes power yield and, in combination with a larger water-cooled oil cooler with pressure reservoir, also ensures the engine's thermal health. Specially developed mapping for engine electronics and SMG gearbox controls coordinate the perfect interaction of all new ...

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