Video - Free Wii points officially from Nintendo! (Legal!)(Read description!)

Videa Mercedes Benz W11 Free Wii points officially from Nintendo! (Legal!)(Read description!)

Free Wii points officially from Nintendo! (Legal!)(Read description!)

My Wii Friend Code: 4779 1360 5361 6483 If you want to e-mail me: Instructions below ______________________________________ If you have access to wireless internet: From the wii home menu... Go to Wii Options in the lower left. Click on Wii Settings to the right. From this first list, click the right arrow. Now on page 2, click on Internet. Then click Connection Settings. From this list, click Connection 1. Then, click Wireless Connection... and then click Search for an Access Point. It will briefly search for any access points and when next screen comes up, click OK. The following will be a list of nearby access points. If the one you are looking for doesn't show up, click Try again. Then, click the one you have access to... When the next screen appears, click OK... and OK again. It will test the connection... And if successful, click Yes to update Wii. Now, back in Wii System Settings, click on WiiConnect24. From the following list click WiiConnect24. Click On and then Confirm to save your settings. This feature allows for updates to be seemlessly sent to your Wii so you don't have to do the final step every time. Ok, the final step, just as a way to make sure your Wii is up to date. Click the right arrow from the 2nd page of Wii System Settings. Click Wii System Update... click yes... it will test your connection for a few seconds... an update screen may quickly come up and tell you there is an update (whether or not your Wii actually needs one ...

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