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FatlaceTV - Back Again Merc'N

You will probably remember Noel Descargar, who owned the Steezy G35 Coupe if you have been following us. Well, he is back again, but this time with a totally different kind of animal. This animal is a 1990 Mercedes Benz 300e W124 on 3-Piece AMG wheels, which is Noel's daily driver and new passion. I had the honor of featuring another one of Noel's aesthetically appealing and well-maintained car builds again. I will let you be the judge on this one. Main: Vimeo: Filmed & Edited By: Shavi W. Looking to submit your ride to be featured on HellaFlush? If you are interested in being featured and in Southern California, please email me at We also take submissions from across the world, feel free to email me for those as well. Like me on Facebook Follow me on Tumblr: Follow me on Instagram @ShaviW



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