Video - Falco - Der Kommissar (Kasovo Re-rub)

Videa Mercedes Benz C 111 Falco - Der Kommissar (Kasovo Re-rub)

Falco - Der Kommissar (Kasovo Re-rub)

Music: Falco - Der Kommissar 1982 (Kasovo Re-rub) Wav Dl: Videoedit: Kasovo Car in video: 1978 Mercedes CW311 Concept (Buchmann) Shots from: Movie "Únos aut" (1980), "Car napping", "bestellt -- geklaut -- geliefert". This car is a creation of Eberhard Schulz ( founder of Isdera) and Rainer Buchmann ( the tuner B+B ) for a study of a Mercedes supercar. Inspired by the concept car Mercedes C111, she was " 300 SL of the 70's " ! Mercedes V8 M100 6834cc (417ci) / 375hp / 320km/h (199mph) The sucessor made by the manufacturer Isdera will be the Imperator 108i presented in 1984, which incorporates the general design. Thanks for listening & watching Like subscribe and comment !

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