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Expensive Cars in Luxurious London

Welcome to the world of fast cars, exotic automobiles, loud drones of tail pipes and opulence and elegance of the finest luxury vehicles anyone can purchase or ogle at. In the heart of London, an elite few show of their pomp and gantry and lay siege to the streets of the most exquisite landmarks of London. Enter into the world of the rich and the famous through the lens of Cinematographer and Director, Isaiah Adeyemi. Introduced into an elite circle of affluence and chic, he steers his sights and lenses on capturing the pure cinematic experience of the life, style,energy and standards of those who dare exhibit their status and symbols of identity. Shot, Edited and directed by Isaiah Adeyemi. Equipment used include: Canon 5D MK II with Magic Lantern Version 2.3 Lenses Include: Carl Zeis M42 Primes 1. 35mm F2.4 2. 50mm F1.8 3. !35mm F3.5 4. Sigma Reflex Lens 18mm F3.5 - Libec H85 tripod - Libec HD Fluid Head - Lanparte Matte Box and Rail rods - Tascam Dr-40 Audio Capture - 7" HD Monitor Edited in Apple Final Cut Pro 7 Color Graded with Apple Color and DaVinci Resolve 9 Transcoded and encoded for up-line deliverable by Isaiah Adeyemi. Director, editor, Color Grader and Cinematographer - Isaiah Adeyemi. Music Score and Sound Design by Isaiah Adeyemi.



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