Video - Epic: World's Greatest (and best) Drag Race ever!!!

Videa Mercedes Benz Tourismo Epic: World's Greatest (and best) Drag Race ever!!!

Epic: World's Greatest (and best) Drag Race ever!!!

Cars: '11 BMW M1 '11 Ford Mustang Boss 302 '06 Porsche 911 GT3 RS '06/'05 Chevrolet Corvette Z06/Z07 '10 Ferrari 458 Italia '10 Nissan GTR (R35) (It's first, but this car got a World Record) '10 Audi R8 GT '09 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG '10 Lexus LFA '10Porsche Cayman R '10/'11 Lotus Evora S (Loser, 'cause it's just a Lotus xD) Speed: From 109.90 mph / 176.86 Km/H (Lotus Evora S) to 125.60 mph / 202.13 (Ferrari 458 Italia. Half a mile more and the Ferrari was 1st xD) Sorry if my english is bad...are there any mitakes? Send a PM or lave a comment if I wrote something wrong! PS: "Why did we made that? - 'Caue we can!" Sure? I think they did it 'cause they've got the Need For Speed (If this were NFS World, Nissan GT-R would be last xD) G(T)Reetz, DJC9000

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