Video - Duvalier escorted from hotel by police []

Videa Mercedes Benz S-Class Duvalier escorted from hotel by police []

Duvalier escorted from hotel by police []

For more details Visit our website Join & support us on facebook http Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier was taken into custody Tuesday and transported to a courthouse where a hearing will determine whether he will be arrested. Duvalier appeared from the hotel room where he has been holed up since his mysterious return to Haiti on Sunday. His hands free of handcuffs, he waived to a small crowd of supporters before heavily armed police escorted him away. Duvalier's departure from the Karibe Hotel came after a morning of intense legal activity. A judge and chief prosecutor had entered the hotel to question Duvalier. Outside the hotel in the swanky suburb of Petionville, throngs of journalists waited amid speculation that the former despot would be arrested.

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