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DTM Norisring 2012 - Race

The main question before the DTM race was: "Will Mercedes score its 10th consecutive win on the Norisring?" Mathias Ekström was determined to end this series all weekend and with the re-entering of BMW, there was also a new competitor. In the night to racing Sunday weather changed dramatically so it wouldn't be a 82 lap battle in the heat but again on a wet track. After the carnage in the first corner and the technical problems in Ralf Schumacher's Mercedes, it looked very good for BMW to score their first DTM victory here since 1992. However the two leading Beamers were constantly chased by Jamie Green, who won already at Norising three times in a row. And also Gary Paffet stormed through the field after being at the end of the pack after the first corner. Due to the higher lap times in the wet, it was then clear that the race would be ended by the 75 minute time limit. In the last 5 minutes Jamie Green was on the run! First he catched Bruno Spengler and then - 20 seconds still on the timer - he went "all in" in the Dutzendteich hairpin in the exact same manner like Laurent Aiello scored the last non-Mercedes victory back in 2002. Jamie Green won his 4th Norisring since 2008 and Mercedes is unbeaten in Nuremberg for 10 consecutive years now. Hope you enjoy this video.



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