Video - DTM - 1996 - Hockenheim Oktober - Race 2

Videa Mercedes Benz DTM DTM - 1996 - Hockenheim Oktober - Race 2

DTM - 1996 - Hockenheim Oktober - Race 2

The second heat for the DTM / ITC championship on that October afternoon back in 1996 and the last 15 laps of those meanwhile legendary Class 1 V6 Touring Cars from Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz and Opel in front of their German home-crowd. Unfortunately it was not seeable from my place, but after winning this race (and gaining a nice lead in the points standings) Manuel Reuter stopped his "Cliff"-Calibra right after the chequered flag, stepped out of his car and thanked the crowd for their tremendous support. He was later fined with - I think - 10.000 Deutsche Mark (~5000 EUR) for that action, but I think Reuter didn't give a damn. After the second heat in Sao Paulo two weeks later he was prematurily the first and last (full season) International Touring Car champion.

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