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drive it!: The Motor Magazine | drive it!

drive it! presents practical vehicles for every day driving as well as racing machines that prove their stuff on Europe's racing and test tracks. present it!: the Ford Focus Station WagonFollowing the release of its Focus sedan, Ford is now adding a station wagon to the Focus range. It was designed in Cologne and built in Saarlouis in south-west Germany, making the car an all German effort.Thanks to a complete makeover, the new station wagon combines practicality and style, and Ford is hoping it'll prove a hit with both private buyers and fleet managers. The rear seats can fold down, extending the luggage space from 476 to 1500 liters. compare it!: Porsche Cayman R - BMW M1Say the words"sports car made in Germany"and many people will think of Porsche. Its cars have always been the ones to beat on the race track but now there's a challenger vying for Porsche's crown.The BMW Series 1 M Coupe is set to take on Porsche's lightweight track missile, the Cayman R. Both cars have six-cylinder engines and nearly identical performance. The BMW has the engine in the front, the Porsche has it in the back, but both are rear-wheel drive. Can the BMW pull ahead of the Porsche? examine it!: Ergonomic Seats - back-friendly at a priceBack pain after long car trips is something many drivers are familiar with. The reason is simple - most car seats can only be moved forward and backward, without height adjustment. As a result they do not accommodate to different drivers'builds. New ergonomic ...

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