Video - Drake - Buried Alive Interlude OFFICIAL NEW SONG WITH LYRICS

Videa Mercedes Benz MAYBACH Drake - Buried Alive Interlude OFFICIAL NEW SONG WITH LYRICS

Drake - Buried Alive Interlude OFFICIAL NEW SONG WITH LYRICS

[Intro] If you was in a pine box I would surely break the lock I'd jump right in and fall asleep Cause you are the death of me [Kendrick Lamar] Looking in the mirror I'm embarrassed I'm feeling like a suicidal terrorist React like an infant whenever you are mentioned Mind over matter never worked for my nemesis I'm in the matter of man arm wrestling hands I was dealt When I said the music business was all I needed When I got it I was greeted by an alien That said last year that she slept with a Canadian That gave him an addiction that would keep him in Mercedes Benz Bright lights and Rihanna as a lady friend My vice is similar women love when you're my type And you're winning from everything that your palm write Put her in the Palms Hotel, sin city Devil in a dress, Platinum Chanel Live the ambiance all cause the audience, one day said I would do it So instead of a verse being read I'mma go and get some head off the strength of my music I tell a bad bitch your ass too fat Capitalize That, and your weave look good with the Indian tracks Tracking device on your used 5 series I don't call back just blame it on your Canadian The same day we say were in the area cruisin' in Toronto, hit me on the cellular Thought he was gonna sell me a false word like the rappers I know Sat down with a few drinks, located where you can't see us A white waitress on standby when we need her A black Maybach, 40 pulled up Jeep No doors all that nigga was missing was Aaliyah Felt like the ...



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