Video - Down & Dirty - Offroad with the G-Class

Videa Mercedes Benz G-Class Down & Dirty - Offroad with the G-Class

Down & Dirty - Offroad with the G-Class

With its square lines and nearly fully upright windshield, the G-Class may appear somewhat anachronistic yet even after over 35 years of production it is still a king of the off-road. While other cars bristle with electronics to ensure they get through, the G-Class has that as well but prefers to rely on the good old mechanical stuff. When driving this car, it feels honest and should never be identified as a soccer-mom vehicle or what the British call a Chelsea-Tractor. The G is simply butch and genuine. Perhaps that is one reason it encounters so much sympathy where other SUVs are frowned upon. Follow the Mercedes-Benz Reporter to watch how he handles the G-Class. For more go to

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