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Deep Red River

An ancient bloodlust tribe silently descended upon a very far away eastern country where wars bloom like flowers. They were allure to the bloody flames, the gunshots noises, rotten stench of the dead and the fear of the livings... This is a stinking ground where humans scream in pain whilst they fanatically enjoyed themselves. Shacionca, the gorgeous queen from one of the bloodlust guild, had been watching in glum for centuries, sitting as still as a statue on the high pagoda roof top bathing in the moonlight nights after nights until the hunter, Krishna, appeared. He had been hunting the bloodlust tribe non-stop, through the battlefields, wastelands, and wilderness... finally injecting fears into this bloodlust tribe. On the contrary, Queen Shacionca had ever since became livelier, a face once full of sorrow now filled with mysterious smiles and happiness. On every cloudless night, her singing will lingers hazily from the roof top of the pagoda, filling anyone who hears it with unmerciful sorrow. "He keeps his promise he gave centuries ago, he brings along death to find me." The fear of losing the queen eventually arose within the tribe. They commanded terrifying powers at all cost in order to annihilate Krishna and exploit human soldiers as their hound. Thus the affair between the bloodlust tribe, the hunter and mankind eventually ignites the historical war somewhere in the dark corner...

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