Video - DB class V 200 , Roco 23432

Videa Mercedes Benz MAYBACH DB class V 200 , Roco 23432

DB class V 200 , Roco 23432

The V 200 had two high-speed V-12 diesel engines with hydraulic power transmission. Both drive groups were independent of each other. Each engine drove via a torque converter of the two bogies on. The top speed was 140 km / h. There were two engine types of Maybach and Mercedes-Benz Maybach and two types of gear used and Voith. Engines and transmissions were designed so that they freely between the V 200, V 100.10 , the V 80 and the DMU series VT 08 , VT 11 and VT 12 could be replaced. Received after the purchase of Maybach by Daimler-Benz and name change in engines and turbines Union Friedrichshafen in the V 200 motor used Maybach MD 650 the new name MTU 12 V 538 TA 10, the Mercedes-Benz motor MB 820 Bb, the designation MTU 12 V 493 10th TZ Five locomotives were given an experimental basis in 1959 MAN engines of the L 12 V 18/21. These were later replaced by Maybach or Mercedes-Benz engines. Some further fueled locomotives, especially the machines of the Italian Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna , were electronically controlled eight-cylinder engines with 810 kW (Caterpillar D3508) equipped with. When delivered, motor control was not doing an electro-mechanical speed control. The switching points of the two gears are slightly offset from each other to be strong jerks when changing gears to avoid the train. During the transmission Maybach MEKYDRO K 104 with only one torque converter and four mechanical gears disposal (MEKYDRO is a word for "mechanical-hydraulic"), was the gear ...

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