Video - Crash Test 2008 Mercedes Benz Viano (Full Test) EURONCAP

Videa Mercedes Benz Viano Crash Test 2008 Mercedes Benz Viano (Full Test) EURONCAP

Crash Test 2008 Mercedes Benz Viano (Full Test) EURONCAP

Comments Front impact Although the passenger compartment remained stable, spot welds in the driver's footwell became separated during the test. This suggests that structures in this area might become unstable if exposed to the greater loading which might arise from a slightly higher impact speed for example. Dummy readings in the test did not expose problems with the protection of the knees or femurs. However, a knee bolster in the facia was considered to pose a risk of injury tooccupants of different sizes and to those sat in different positions. Side impact No pole test was performed as the tested vehicle was not equipped with the optional head protecting side impact airbag. The optional thorax airbag was also not fitted to the test car. Child-protection Based on dummy readings from the frontal and side impacts, the Viano scored maximum points for its protection of the 3 year child. The passenger airbag cannot be disabled and the labels warning of the dangers of using a rearward facing child restraint in that seating position were not permanently attached. The presence of ISOFIX anchorages in the rear outboard seats was not clearly indicated. Pedestrian protection The bumper and front edge of the bonnet scored no points. The protection offered to the head of a struck child was poor in every area tested and was poor in most areas for an adult's head.

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