Video - CIVENEX 2012 Pt 4 (Mercedes Benz)

Videa Mercedes Benz Econic CIVENEX 2012 Pt 4 (Mercedes Benz)

CIVENEX 2012 Pt 4 (Mercedes Benz)

Mercedes Benz was around again, showing off the Actros, Axor and Econic vehicles. Last time they also had three, except instead of the Econic, they had the equal duty Axor on display. All the trucks were great to check out being brand new, very nice operator environment in each with my short experiences in the driver seat. There aren't too many Mercs seen as garbage trucks across Australia, but there is potential for them to take off. First we take a little look at the Econic, which is another new low entry truck to the Aussie market. You could say it's similar to the Dennis Elite when you look at the basic exterior, but otherwise it's of a very different origin with different features. Although it's more suited to rear loader applications, it can be used as a side loader, but dual control is not available at this stage. You'll see it has your "bus" type door; which is interestingly opened and closed via a button on the outside. Next we take a brief look at the lighter duty Atego, with more of a focus on the cab interior. Last up I quickly explored the big twin steer Actros prime mover, with a different set-up behind the cab, probably due to the extra steer axle.



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