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Videa Mercedes Benz Econic CAS 20 S1T Mercedes Econic 4×2

CAS 20 S1T Mercedes Econic 4×2

Dimensions and weights The new vehicle will begin in late April Ostrava firefighters to serve, with the winch is 8350 mm long, 2550 mm wide standard and high 3150 mm. Its total weight is 18 tons, then the operating weight 12.75 tons. Air suspension on both axles for smooth ground clearance of up to 200 mm above or below 60 mm to the standard (about 200 mm) and a button on the dashboard, which can be performed even while driving. The photographs in the article mentioned in the video is clearly demonstrated the possibility of stroke. In the rear of the chassis is mounted hitch for 900 kg unbraked and braked trailer with overrun brakes with a maximum weight of 3500 kg. The old drive vehicles with diesel, turbocharged four-stroke engine with charge air cooling, meeting emission standard EEV (Enhanced Enviromentally Friendly Vehicles). The engine has a displacement of 7200 cc and maximum power of 240 kW. Power transmission is responsible for a six-speed automatic transmission with two auxiliary drives. One is for the pump, the other one drives a hydraulic winch. Activities auxiliary drive is also possible when driving speed of 10 km / h. Maximum vehicle speed is 110 km / h. Directly to the vehicle frame is built above mentioned hydraulic rescue winch Rotzler Treibmatic TR030. The rope is led into the nozzle on the front bumper. The winch is operated from the cab CAN bus vehicles. Steel rope winch is 60 meters long and tensile strength is 50 kN. Rozměry a hmotnosti Nové vozidlo ...

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