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BMW 6-Series Coupe 2012 HD

BMW 6-Series Coupe (2012) exterior, interior. The hearts of sports car aficionados with an eye for beauty and a thirst for luxury and innovative technology will beat a little faster with the arrival of the new BMW 6-Series Coupe. The third generation of the top-class Coupe sees premium carmaker BMW adding another intoxicating chapter to its decades-long tradition in the production of exclusive dream cars. The new BMW 6-Series Coupe impresses with its irresistible design and inspires with even sharper driving dynamics than its predecessor, noticeably optimised comfort levels and extra space. This is the only car in the segment to offer the combination of top-class sporting ability, exclusive touring comfort and a 460-litre (16.24 cu. ft) luggage space. Also on board to deliver the BMW 6-Series Coupe's signature driving experience are a range of innovative driver assistance systems and BMW ConnectedDrive infotainment features. The new car therefore meets the highest - not to mention the broadest - expectations of driving pleasure in a large, premium 2+2-seater in incomparable style. Its unmistakable design language gives the new BMW 6-Series Coupe an aura of athletic elegance. The sweeping bonnet, short front overhang and set-back passenger compartment team up with a 74-millimetre increase in body length (4894 mm) over its predecessor and a 75-millimetre longer wheelbase (2855 mm) to create the hallmark proportions of a BMW Coupe. Meanwhile, the extra ...




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