Video - Bharat Benz unvieled - short drive - Part 2.wmv

Videa Mercedes Benz Axor Bharat Benz unvieled - short drive - Part 2.wmv

Bharat Benz unvieled - short drive - Part 2.wmv

Daimler had already granted a glimpse of the new BharatBenz heavy-duty truck at the sneak preview event held in New Delhi in January. Today, Daimler's Indian subsidiary Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) is being joined by future customers, dealers, and media representatives to celebrate the beginning of a special six-day premiere in India's fifth-largest city, Hyderabad. The great attractions are the first light- to heavy-duty BharatBenz trucks weighing 9 to 49 tonnes GVW. Starting already in the third quarter of this year, DICV will offer the first BharatBenz trucks on the Indian market. The complete range of 17 commercial vehicles by the new Daimler brand will be available by 2014. This will enable DICV to meet the growing demand for state-of-the-art vehicles in India's volume segment. At more than 300000 units, this segment was one of the world's top three truck markets in 2011.

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