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Videa Mercedes Benz Smart Bernar Venet: Bugatti Grand Sport Venet Premiere

Bernar Venet: Bugatti Grand Sport Venet Premiere

Many artist have been fascinated by fast automobiles and car racing. Since Alexander Calder painted French auctioneer and racing driver Hervé Pulain's race car in 1975, the car industry discovered the marketing potential of the artists' passion for cars. While German car company BMW has the longest tradition of inviting artists to transform their products into "Art Cars", other brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Audi etc. followed suit. At this year's Art Basel in Miami Beach, Bugatti's interpretation of an art car made its debut. The 250+ mph car got a special treatment by French artist Bernar Venet, who covered the car with mathematical formulae that seem to be swept away by the speed of the car. VernissageTV attended the supper to celebrate Bernar Venet's Bugatti Grand Sport at the Rubell Family Collection in Miami on December 6, 2012. Bernar Venet: Bugatti Grand Sport Venet at Rubell Family Collection. Miami, Florida, December 6, 2012. More videos on contemporary art, design, architecture: Connect Become a Member: Browse our Archive: Find Artists, Designers, Architects: VernissageTV on Google Currents: Art TV pioneer Vernissage TV provides you with an authentic insight into the world of contemporary fine arts, design and architecture. With its two main series "No Comment" and "Interviews", art tv channel VernissageTV attends opening receptions of exhibitions ...



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