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Videa Mercedes Benz Smart Astonish Magazine Launch Party with Designer Phuong My

Astonish Magazine Launch Party with Designer Phuong My

Fashion Week is here in New York and the shows have begun all over the city. This event, produced by Marcy Clark of Yellow Sky Agency and held at the Gansevoort Park Avenue, was to celebrate the launch of Astonish Magazine. Astonish Magazine is a publication that showcases emerging artists, photographers, models and designers from around the world. Also featured was a fashion show with designs from world renown designer Phuong My. I got backstage to talk to Eric Altimore, Celebrity Hairstylist and salon Owner, to discuss the hairstyles he was creating for the show. We captured him and his team creating beautiful sleek looks with a very interesting and unique look that highlighted the designs of Phuong My. The turnout was incredible! Great space, great atmosphere, great people and an amazing event. Once again I was on the Red Carpet interviewing attendees, celebrities and the people that helped make this event possible. Press Release from Marcy Clark of Yellow Sky Agency. New York, NY. September 2011. Ask publisher Ryan Chua where he got the divine inspiration for ASTONISH Magazine and he will tell you to look no further than your local newsstand. Month after month, newsstands are packed with the same tired fashion editorials and banal commentary -- one indistinguishable from the next. ASTONISH Magazine embodies its name -- it astonishes readers with brave, edgy and original images chosen purely for their visual merit. It is the answer to an industry starved for smart ...

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