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Arturas Zuokas public relations campaign for its originality and has been observed in Great Britain. This week, the appearance of a lot of stories about places in a luxury car, the mayor of Vilnius organized campaign. As his advisor says in a statement release, Arturas Zuokas Saturday morning for one driver pointed out a few rules very original way - driving an armored vehicle. "I studied to drive an armored vehicle. It will be noted that if you have a car and more money does not mean that they can park the car anywhere. Recently, a significant increase in such cases, so I wanted to share this once again remind you that you can not show disrespect for others, "- said the Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas. Vilnius Municipality issued the following "ride" photos. Bought an old Mercedes and used. Swedan made films about Vilnius (Lithuania). This is social promotion. Because it is true that the oligarch does not comply with traffic regulations. It is made very low cost advertising. I know. Art




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