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Arab Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Walking in South Kensington, i had just visited the Lamborghini London dealership on Old Brompton Road and i was Heading to the HR Owen Ferrari/Maserati Dealership. I Was about to cross the road and then i saw this White SLR McLaren down the road. I Had to at least investigate it. As i got closer i thought, "this is no ordinary SLR McLaren, it looks more like the Mansory Renevatio". However the Mansory Renevatio has a Massive Spoiler at the Back and a more agressive front end. The Rear of the SLR McLaren showed what appered to be an Arabian or Middle Eastern Number Plate. I had thought that all of the Arabs had gone but seems like they didn't. Anyway the Owner of this Absolutely Stunning SLR McLaren had tried to make it look a bit like a Mansory Renevatio but instead had put some better wheels on it and had also given it more Carbon Fibre Panels Making it very Unique indeed. Such an absolutely stunning car needed some photos taken of it. Behind the SLR McLaren also had an Audi RS6 Avant but unsuprisingly i was more interested in the SLR. Anyway i really hope you enjoy my very first Arabian spot and my very first SLR McLaren i have ever seen. Please feel free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Location of this car: Just off Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London You can also view the car on AG here:

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