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I finally done a coverage of genuine Mercedes-Benz from 30thBiMS. This year there are newly 5 models introduced: 3 debut models and 2 minor-changed models. E-Class in new codename W212 but arrived here as a coupe. However it's another Mercedes as RHD World Premiere which introduced here. That way, its fans may be agreed if it replaced CLK. E350: 3.5 V6 288HP. CLC: All-new C-Class Coupe in newer name as we know it. Its direct predecessor successfully fetched its own new customer group segment. That's why the brand rewarded this totally new model to them. It's surely new breed but still related and based from W204 after all. CLC200 Kompressor: 2.0 16V 188HP. B-Class returned here again since its first introduction in 2006/2549. But it's now a diesel. Rejuvenated in many detail to be a better one. B180CDI 2.0 4-cyl 109HP. M-Class also refreshened and rejuvenated. Still featuring 4-Matic 4WD. Also as a diesel. ML280CDI 3.0 V6 190HP. Sprinter: largest of the booth. Maybe tall but still not the largest Mercedes-Benz in Thailand. 12-seater with minibus-like capability and outstanding operating. 3.5 V6 255HP.

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