Video - 2nd Alarm Highrise Incident, Gore St, 26 Aug 09

Videa Mercedes Benz Econic 2nd Alarm Highrise Incident, Gore St, 26 Aug 09

2nd Alarm Highrise Incident, Gore St, 26 Aug 09

A downtown apartment building is evacuated on an unpleasant winter evening. A thunderstorm hit soon after this, as you'll see in the next compilation. I hope to add video annotations if I get the chance, but this is about the two dozenth attempt at uploading this video, and I'm kinda over it... Ponsonby 261: 2005 Scania P94DB Pump Ellerslie 274: 2007 Scania P420 Bronto Skylift F17 CTL Remuera 211 2008 Scania P310 DB4x2MNA Balmoral 611: 2005 Scania P94DB Pump St John Ambulance New Zealand Northern Region #189 Mercedes Sprinter 316CDi Auckland Fire Police 4: 1993 Nissan Urvan Northern Region 199 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe St John Ambulance Rapid Response Unit Auckland 2014: 1996 Mitsubishi FK195 Incident Control Unit Auckland Relief TTL (Ex. Parnell 256) (Relieving Auckland 205 as 206) 1997 Spartan Charger LF04 Turntable Ladder Parnell 255: 2007 Mercedes-Benz Econic 2633 26 August, 2009 Gore Street & Customs Street Auckland New Zealand Disclaimer: This YouTube channel is in no way associated with any of the organisations portrayed

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