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2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

2013 mercedes benz b class With the imminent arrival of the 2012 model cars -- yes, it is that time of year -- there are some definite trends that can be seen in an industry that employs about one in six American workers. (Statistics show that about a sixth of the workforce is directly employed or impacted by the auto industry.) No matter how you look at it, the auto industry does have an awesome amount of power in this economy. For example, you have the several hundred thousand workers employed either by the factories or dealerships that sell and service their vehicles. Then, there are the secondary industries that supply the manufacturers and then there are the tertiary industries that supply the secondary industries. It's like the old domino game where one block falls and they all come crashing down. The Mercedes-Benz B-Class (codename W245) is a small family car introduced by German automaker Mercedes-Benz in March 2005. It is essentially an enlarged A-Class keeping the same engine and suspension system. Like the A-Class, and unlike any other vehicle Mercedes builds or has built, the B-Class is a front wheel drive vehicle. Mercedes-Benz describes this vehicle as a Compact Sports Tourer instead of hatchback or multi-purpose vehicle, like its R-Class model, which is called a Grand Sports Tourer. It was released in Europe in the late spring of 2005 and in Canada in the autumn of 2005. Plans to import the car to the US through Mexico were put on hold due to a strong euro ...

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