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2012 Mercedes M Class Review | New Era Leasing

Visit for more info on very low lease deals on 2012 Mercedes Benz ML350. Now in its third generation, the Mercedes-Benz M-class is refining the Mercedes SUV experience, rather than reinventing it. The 2012 ML is the same basic size and shape as before, but the platform—shared in part with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee—is new, and the vehicle gets significant upgrades in efficiency and style for 2012. The exterior appears sleeker and more sculpted, while the most obvious difference in the interior is a switch from round air vents to rectangular, the former now reserved for Mercedes' sports-car lineup. (It's worth noting just how similar the instrument layout is to the Grand Cherokee's.) A big increase in quality and design can be felt inside. A large swath of either wood or metal-look plastic sits before the front passenger, while the driver gets a meaty-feeling steering wheel flanked by new stalks for the transmission, wipers, and cruise control. (The cruise-control stalk, thankfully, has been moved from MB's usual placement on the upper left of the steering column to a lower, more-conventional position.) Attractive open-pore wood is on the options sheet, as is a package that includes ambient lighting. At launch, Mercedes will offer two familiar six-cylinders, while the company's new twin-turbo 4.7-liter V-8 will follow later. (We're also told to expect another AMG version soon, as well as a gas-electric and possibly a diesel-electric hybrid.) Both V-6 ...

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