Video - 2012 MERCEDES BENZ G65 AMG spied in Dubai

Videa Mercedes Benz G-Class 2012 MERCEDES BENZ G65 AMG spied in Dubai

2012 MERCEDES BENZ G65 AMG spied in Dubai

First seen in Dubai, but its still a test car, our uploaders were lucky to spot the G65 here in Dubai. The cars came to Dubai for heat testing, there was 3 of them a grey g65, blue, and black. the speedometer top speed was 320 km/h, while the g55 was 280km/h. The Gear knob and shifting method was different compared to the g55. There will only be 200 pieces ever produced. Here are some pictures, Sorry for the quality... problem was our uploaders were not allowed cameras, they took as many shots as they could with their phones , to tell you the truth they had to actually sneak in there. To see more photos and interiors of Mercedes G65 AMG spied in Dubai... visit

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