Video - 2012 LA Auto Show - Nov 30-Dec 9

Videa Mercedes Benz Smart 2012 LA Auto Show - Nov 30-Dec 9

2012 LA Auto Show - Nov 30-Dec 9

The 2012 LA Auto Show is open November 30-December 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year's show will feature more than 45 World and North American vehicle debuts from a wide variety of manufacturers, as well as futuristic concept cars, the latest in electric, hybrid, diesel and other fuel efficient technology, luxury and exotic cars, limited production vehicles, mobile electronics, tuners, accessories and much, much more! In addition being able to compare hundreds of new vehicles within the show, you'll have an opportunity to test drive cars from several manufacturers on certain days of the show. And on weekends, families will have a blast in our free Hyundai Hope on Wheels Kids' Fun Zone. For more information and discount tickets for the LA Auto Show, visit



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