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2011 Mercedes-Benz B55 Concept

Trainees build a very special B-Class Fulminating one-off: B 55 with a V8 engine and 388 hp Complete conversion in the training workshop Spacious, innovative and safe, the compact models of the Mercedes A and B-Class score with their high practicality, and have found favour with more than 2.5 million customers as a result. An extraordinary one-off example has now been built at the Rastatt plant, and shows the B-Class in a completely new light: a B 55 with a V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. The idea came from the Rastatt plant manager, Peter Wesp. He gave some of his staff the task of creating a very special vehicle on the basis of the B-Class -- leaving it to their creativity to decide what and how. Andreas Würz, a foreman in the technical vocational training department, immediately took up the challenge. He took a very close look at this large compact model, enlisted the aid of a tape-measure and came up with an idea that not only surprised and delighted his boss and colleagues, but also the trainees: "Actually it should be possible to fit a V8 into the engine compartment."Together with his fellow-foreman Matthias Rieger from the electrics/electronics installation section, he assembled a team of twelve second-year and third-year trainees specialising in production mechanics and automotive mechatronics. A book of specifications was drawn up: * The spatial concept of the B-Class was to remain unchanged. * On the outside too, there were only to be minor indications of the ...

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