Video - 2011 Grand Prix Insights - The Seatbelt

Videa Mercedes Benz W02 2011 Grand Prix Insights - The Seatbelt

2011 Grand Prix Insights - The Seatbelt

Did you know that when a Formula One driver lifts his foot off the pedal, it is comparable to braking at full force in a normal road car? Consequently, without his seatbelt it would be impossible for Nico Rosberg to drive his Mercedes MGP W02. "On the straights I am usually travelling at more than 190 mph," says Nico Rosberg. "And sometimes even in the fast corners we are still doing up to 155 mph. So there is very, very big G forces acting on the driver. And I probably could not even drive the Formula One car without being buckled up in my seat belt. Because especially in braking, I would probably fall right onto the steering wheel and I wouldn't be able to see where I'm going any more. At the same time also the seatbelts need to be put so tight, that it makes it very physically demanding to race in the car, because I struggle to breathe properly." "A Formula One driver's seat belt is a six point safety harness that has to withstand loads of up to 1500kg in an impact," explains Andrew Shovlin, the German team's chief race engineer. "The upper part of the webbing is made from a light weight military speck polyester and all the fittings are made of air craft made titanium."

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