Video - 2011 Brilliant Van based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Videa Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2011 Brilliant Van based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

2011 Brilliant Van based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Sprinter Provides Sumptuous Den, Office and No Interruptions March 24, 2011 - MONTVALE, NJ Only 13 months ago, Richard Fertig started Brilliant Transportation ( with a small fleet of specially-equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, and now the fast-growing company operates chauffeur-driven Sprinter-based Brilliant Vans and Mini Buses up and down the East Coast as well as in the Los Angeles area. Fertig says a large part of Brilliant's success is due to the unusual design of their Sprinter van interiors, which feature a clean aesthetic with neutral colors and include rich hardwood floors, oversize leather seats, refrigerators, stowaway desks and built-in cabinets. The tastefully integrated technology in the Brilliant Van includes a premium eight-speaker audio system, two 32-inch flat-screen TVs with satellite-based Direct TV and wireless headphones. In particular, business travelers appreciate its 3G Wi-Fi capability, color printers and a hands-free conference call system. Fertig, Brilliant's Founder and President, says, "Our versatile Sprinter vans appeal to corporate management, entertainers and well-to-do families who want to reclaim that dead in-transit time and who appreciate the size, height and overall comfort of a large van. Most NBA basketball players can stand up inside with room to spare. Additionally, our drivers are impressed with the Sprinter's quality, reliability and especially the fuel economy of its proven clean-diesel power. Getting ...

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