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2010 Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

The Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break concept car represents a clear indication of the further emotional appeal of the Mercedes design idiom. In October 2004 Mercedes-Benz established a new market segment with the four-door Coupé CLS. In September 2008, the brand revealed a fresh and exciting interpretation of the emotionally-appealing Coupé-based design in the form of the FASCINATION concept car. Now making its premiere at Auto China 2010 is the Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break concept car - a further insight by Mercedes designers into the possible future development of the Coupé concept. Wide and flat, with a long bonnet and a roof which continues through to the rear: the Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break concept car features some astonishing proportions which at the same time are clearly reminiscent of another design icon - the CLS. The design of the front is completely new, but makes use of elements which are mindful of the SLS AMG super sports car: the radiator grille, with the large star and eye-catching, bionic slats, is not integrated into the bonnet but has been designed separately in the form of a "soft nose". The grille is flanked on each side by full LED headlamps, which for the first time feature LED technology for all of the usual dynamic light functions. The side profile is given a touch of dynamism thanks to the high, exaggerated beltline sweeping towards the rear, and the dramatic character line which is supported by the powerful-looking rear wheel arches. The coupé ...

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