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2008 Mercedes Benz CLS-550 Diamond White Edition

2008 Mercedes Benz CLS-550 Diamond White Edition Mercedes Benz has developed a new breed of car unlike any other car on the road today. The simple concept takes a Coupe-like design with the functionality of a sedan. It's a performance packed package that'll remind you how much fun driving can be. Beneath the hood of the CLS550 is a V-8 rated at 382 horsepower. A seven-speed automatic with Sportronic manual-shift transmission has a wide range of comfortable power. With F-1 style paddle shifting you can manually control gear selection for high revved driving or downshifting through turns. This Mercedes Benz CLS 550 gives you the comfort and luxury you'd expect from Mercedes plus top-notch road performance. The ride of the CLS 550 adjusts for various road conditions with the standard semi-active Airmatic suspension. It automatically adjusts to reduce pitch, dive and roll during braking, accelerating and cornering. In Comfort mode, the suspension responds with a soft luxurious feel for cruising. For aggressive performance driving there are two Sport settings that stiffen up for better control. Steering is intuitive as it easily navigates through curves with surgical precision. Engineers really built a car the combines luxury, performance and sophistication into a car that'll seat 4 comfortably. Getting inside is a breeze with the keyless entry and start function. The keys never have to leave your pocket and you're in your car and on the road. Once inside you'll see where ...

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