Video - 2000 MERCEDES-BENZ M-Class 4dr AWD 3.2L

Videa Mercedes Benz M-Class 2000 MERCEDES-BENZ M-Class 4dr AWD 3.2L

2000 MERCEDES-BENZ M-Class 4dr AWD 3.2L

2000 MERCEDES-BENZ M-Class 4 Door AWD 3.2 Liter ^ ^ ^ Originally advertised for $14988 && Now on sale for the discounted price of $10468 && ^ ^ ^ This all wheel drive M Class looks as new as the day it was first sold. It appears to have always been garaged. The engine in this Mercedes was well maintained by its previous owner and runs like new. When you feel the transmission shift on this vehicle, you would think it was a brand new auto. We stand behind our vehicles, call for details on the ASE Certified Mechanic inspection this Benz has passed. CARFAX for this vehicle shows to be free of issues. Looking for that perfect family vehicle? This is the one for you! Call for your detailed walk around description where we will tell you everything you need to know about the features and condition of this special vehicle.. For more information on this vehicle and our full inventory, call us at 916-355-1500. Folsom Lake Toyota Folsom, CA

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