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1996 Mercedes Benz S-Class W140 Series

Here is a compilation of photos and videos of my W140 series 1996 Mercedes S-Class. The car itself was owned by one family for 12 years and has only covered 88000 miles so it's in pretty good original condition inside and out. It is an S280 (2.8 straight six) so by no means a rocket ship, but it's good for relaxed cruising. Also, it's not the LWB so it only takes up around 1.5 parking spaces as opposed to 2. I'm a big fan of the W140 series S-Class, they're incredibly over engineered cars, I mean.. does a car really need double glazing?! Love it. In an ideal world I'd like to subtly modify the car but I don't want to ruin its originality so I think it'll be staying as is! Thanks for watching.

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