Video - 1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEL W126 Saloon 1 Owner XLNT

Videa Mercedes Benz W126 1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEL W126 Saloon 1 Owner XLNT

1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEL W126 Saloon 1 Owner XLNT

This here is about the Cleanest best Maintained Mercedes i have ever ran across in any make or model. it is hard to believe its used. Whoever owned this car LOVED this car it is a 1 Owner Orig mile 1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEL W126. Ive had many of every model the 380SEL the 420SEL the 450SEL the 500SEL... They all fell short of what this car is and these 560 cars are RARE especially from a 1 owner family this car is near mint and i am tempted to just keep it and drive it..... probably the most amazing thing about this car is the fact that this guy has the warranty booklet filled out COMPLETLY he did ALL the reccomended servicers on the car as needed AMAZING to have a car like this and to get those records with it. If you are looking for a W126 car look no further you have fount the only one you will ever need THIS 560SEL is your Lifetime car call me anytime Nathan 406 544 6919

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