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1989 Mercedes 560SL / Cars by Brasspineapple Productions

Overview Expensive flagships of the SL range, though they turned out to be the best-selling models. 500SL was there from the start, standing out from lesser SLs by the addition of a fairly subtle bootlid lip spoiler. They lost a little power when re-tuned for economy in September 1981, gaining a taller diff ratio at the same time, so those early cars are more sought after. The 560SL joined the 500 in 1985 but didn't displace it, merely adding power, badge one-upmanship, and a thirst for fuel. All SLs should be considered as tourers rather than sports cars. Performance 0-60mph:7.7secs Top speed:134mph Power:245bhp Torque:294lb/ft MPG:18mpg Engine Configuration:V8 Aspiration:normal Fuel:petrol Fuel delivery:mechanical fuel injection Chassis Suspension Front: Independent, double wishbones, coil spring Suspension Rear: Independent, semi-trailing arms, coil springs Drivetrain: front-engine RWD Steering: N/A Bodyframe: metal monocoque Transmission: Four-speed automatic Dimensions Length: 4389mm Wheelbase: 2454mm Width: 1791mm Height: 1295mm Weight: 1605kgs Location : German American Social Club - Pine Island Road - Cape Coral , Florida Date and Time : September 3rd 2012 @ 3:00 pm ( eat ) CARS BY BRASSPINEAPPLE PRODUCTIONS ( YOUTUBE / PLAYLIST ) CARS BY BRASSPINEAPPLE PRODUCTIONS ( FACEBOOK PAGE ) Music Credits : Johnny Brapp / " Drum Crazy " Copyright © 2012 Brasspineapple Productions Jason Matthew Mahan



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