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Videa Mercedes Benz W201 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190D 2.2 Diesel

1984 Mercedes-Benz 190D 2.2 Diesel

Up for sale is a 1984 Mercedes Benz 190D 2.2 diesel. It is Biscayne Blue with Blue MB Tex interior. It features the 4 cylinder 2.2L diesel engine connected to a 4 speed automatic transmission. It has 226k miles which is very low for this year and model. The car runs and drives great. It has power windows, power sunroof, cruise control, cold AC, central locking system. All of which works great. There is also a new CD player with ipod aux input installed. The interior is way above average for this year and model of car. The only real issue with the interior is the drivers inside door handle is broken off and needs to be reattached. The body is in decent shape, paint needs to be buffed and waxed but it still will shine nice. It does have some dings here and there, and a couple of surface rust spots but the underbody and jack points are solid with no rust. The front windshield has a crack in it. The previous owner of this vehicle replaced both the front and rear bumper covers with BRAND NEW covers, but after a short while of my teenage son driving this vehicle, you can see the front bumper is now cracked and broken underneith. I have another bumper available if you are interested. This is also the cause of some of the dings around the car. The teenager also burned up the transmission in the car. After this he is now on foot. Aftewards I replaced it with a transmision I pulled from a parts car. Turns out this transmission was a factory rebuilt transmission with only around 20K ...



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